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First embarrassing moment: In my elementary school, we often have to yell our grades on homework and quizzes outloud for the teacher to record in her book. I had trouble, especially with the numbers in the 90's. I was a smart student and hated getting A's and B's because I stuttered on those scores. One day, my teacher got tired of my quiet voice, not knowing that I was trying to hide my stuttering. She told her T.A. to go outside and listen for a number that I would yell! Yes, the entire class was watching. The teacher told me a number and I said it as loud as I could. The teacher orders the T.A. to come in. "What did you hear?" "23?" says the T.A. "Go back outside." The T.A. goes outside and the teacher turns to me and says, "She probably heard me say that one." Oh! The hurt! Oh the pain! Yes, this goes on with the teacher whispering numbers to me for me to yell out! For once I was smarter than the teacher knowing it was all futile and just a time of humility in front of the class! She was trying to break me out of my shell but really she can't accept the fact that not all people can be loud-talkers.

Second embarrassing moment: This was in the fifth grade. Actually this is a common experience always coming back to me. It is reading time and we're taking turns reading. I remember it came to my turn. The first word was "would." Would?!?! I can't say that! It got embarrassingly quiet when it came to my turn. I was busy whispering, "W-w-w-w-w-w-" I got angry with myself because it just wouldn't come out. The teacher finally yelled at me to start reading. Augh! The blind world we live in....

by Jenny Woo, age 17

added May 31, 2003

  • My most uncomfortable moment came as a freshman in high school. I was chosen to go to the regional FFA competition to represent my school in impromptu speaking. This was an enormous task for me to undertake. I was given a binder of information, and three minutes to write an appropriate speech. Then, I had to go to a special room in front of four judges that I didn't know. The speech started with an introduction of myself and my topic, fruits and vegetables. I talked about soil preparation and weed control, and it was the longest three minutes of my life. My knees starting shaking, and I had to grab the podium to hold myself up. The whole podium started shaking, and the judges asked me if I was o.k. It took me a couple of minutes to get started because I dropped my cards, and had to reorganize them. I was sweating like a mad dog, and I then flew threw the speech. I honestly don't know if I stuttered at all, but I lost the competition, and the judges gave me a superior, which is what they give anyone who isn't good enough to win. This is a feel good mercy rating they gave me, but I made it through it and survived.

    by Chapman

    added March 17, 2006

  • Who would ever remember anything about the most embarrassing moments in their life? People would easily choose to forget the most humiliating moments in life. It seems easier to forget rather than to dwell in humiliation, but whatever we do a hint of that moment will still remain in our memories. After some time, that memory would just be a funny thing which will make us laugh if it passes in our minds. Last summer, I went to a beach in Asia with my family. We stayed in a hotel just 20 meters away from the beach. The scent of sea welcomes us each day we woke up. The sea breeze touches my skin as I walk on the shore.

    The locals were hospitable and greets us every time we passed by. I felt like I was from royalty whenever I was served by a coconut milk on a coconut husk by the local server. The experience was memorable and I given a chance I still want to go back, not just because the trip was great but because I had a very funny experience or a laughable incident there. One evening, I and my family had dinner in a native looking restaurant. The place has a native ambiance and the interiors were very tribal. The restaurant was over a man-made body of water. The restaurant as supported by large bamboo rafts floating over the water.

    These made me feel like I was on a boat. I do not advice this place for people with motion sickness. We had our tour guide with us which makes our stay very comfortable. The tour guide usually ordered for us during our meals which I find very helpful because the menus and were in a native language and I find the English translation very bizarre. So our tour guide ordered the “House Specialties”, this are the food served in place which made it popular. As we waited for our meal to be served, a group of men carrying banjos approached our table talking in a native language.

    Our tour guide said that this were the entertainers for the night. These men would be singing for us. I was amused when one of the trios impersonated Elvis. It made laugh not because he sang badly but he sang with a native accent which made the dancing very hilarious. So hilarious that I cannot stop laughing to the point that rice grains came out of my nose which made me choke while I was laughing. I cough and laugh at the same time and everyone else was thinking that I was so amused by the performance. Then suddenly, it was all black. When I woke up, I was already lying on a bed in a little clinic on the hotel.

    The doctor said that I had oxygen deficiency due to coughing and laughing at the same time. I was shocked to hear that I almost died on that incident, but the funny part is that what knocked me out was a grain of rice and a funny little man impersonating Elvis. Every time we have a family reunion, that incident became a laughing gas to my family. It was a memorable and funny experience. I would not forget the face of that little man who also killed me by making me laugh and I had a certain trauma of ever eating rice again. After that I clearly realized that laughing to death is plausible.

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