Kuroko No Basuke Midorimas Unlucky Day Essay

(A/N): This has been in my stash for the longest time and I can see why.. *cringes* Cringe with me, my children.

"Oh, Kami! This is too good!" The hawk-eyed basketball player howled with laughter, "Miss I-Get-All-The-Boys is jealous!"

(Y/N) had pulled Takao to the side while the Shutoku basketball team practiced in the gym and asked him a simple question.

The (h/c)-nette immediately punched his arm —which he barely felt— in an effort to silence him, "I am not! I'm just asking.. for a friend."

She had asked him if the Ace, Midorima Shintarou, held romantic feelings for Satsuki Momoi, his former basketball manager at Teikō Junior High.

She looked to the side, attempting to hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks. Takao laughed at her horrible attempt at lying.

"You are terrible at lying, (Y/N)-chan."

"Just answer the question so I can leave!" He held up his hands in surrender as she glared.

"Alright. Alright," He lowered his hands and rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "Well, Shin-chan does compliment Momoi-chan at times, which he barely does —complimenting that is. Not on her looks though, but more on her skills."

The smaller girl frowned, "True. He's never complimented me before. Mido-kun always calls me a baka."

Takao shrugged, "He calls me that too, but he doesn't exactly hate me."

"That's because you're teammates, baka!" She pouted and stared at the ground, "I like him, but he probably hates me and sees me as a burden."

The basketball player panicked. 'Oh, shit. She's gonna cry.'

"Hey. Hey," He came closer to her —about one foot away— and used one hand to tilt her chin up. And in a surprisingly gentle tone, Takao said,

"You are difficult to hate and definitely not a burden. Even Shin-chan wouldn't label you as that. And I know that for a fact. OK?"

Gently smiling, (Y/N) nodded. "Hai. Ariga-"

"Why are you wasting time Kazunari-kun, nanodayo." A deeper, serious voice cut off (Y/N).

The two separated and Takao grinned, "Ah, Shin-chan. I was just cheering up (Y/N)-chan here!"

The taller man's eyes seemed to turn into slits as he glared at (Y/N). It seemed like it was directed to her, but he was glaring at the arm that Takao so casually threw over her shoulders.

Squirming under his gaze, (Y/N) slipped from Takao's arm, "S-Sorry. I'll wait for you guys to finish practicing."

(Y/N) always walked home with Shintarou and Takao, though Takao lived two blocks before (Y/N) and Shintarou's neighborhood. So they always had a decent amount of alone time. Most of it was just (Y/N) talking, with Shintarou listening and occasionally throwing in some insults or comments at her.

A sigh escaped her lips as she watched the two return to the court and resume their drill exercises. 'How could I believe Takao-kun when all Mido-kun does is glare and insult me?'

The girl decided to wait for them outside and exited the gym with a low head.

(Time Skip)

(Y/N) was in the middle of accepting and denying compliments from three upperclassmen when Shintarou and Takao left the school gym.

"You're so pretty, (Y/N)-chan. My parents would be proud of me if I brought you home." One of them said.

"True. And every guy would be jealous of me if I had you, ne?"

"Knock it off, guys. You're not her type. Though, I'm sure I fit your standards, (Y/N)." The leader of the three leaned in closer, examining how her face flushed at the close proximity of their faces.

"Etou.. I-"

"(Y/N). We're leaving now, nanodayo." Her eyes literally brightened up at the sound of a familiar semi-harsh tone. Takao bit back a chuckle at the obvious irritation in his friend's eyes.

"H-Hai!" She turned to the upperclassmen and quickly bowed, "Sayonara, senpai."

Immediately joining her two friends, they began walking home.

Takao folded his arms behind his head as the trio walked in silence, "..So, what's the daily count of guys that have flirted with you, (Y/N)-chan?"

Shintarou held back a groan. He hated these daily counts —it was none of his business and merely did not care. ...Right?

"Hm.. I wasn't expecting an additional three after school.." The smaller girl trailed off, "So that makes it fifteen guys."

"That's seven less from yesterday. Losing your charm already?" The black-haired teen teased.

"Urusai! I-I don't care about the number of guys." She pouted up at him.

"Oi, (Y/N)-chan. Don't make that face. I might fall for you." Takao flirted, though in an attempt to get a reaction from Shintarou.

"This is your neighborhood, nanodayo. Leave." Midorima adjusted his glasses, feeling extremely annoyed today. He suddenly didn't feel like putting up with this.

"Wah. So mean, Shin-chan." Midorima ignored his teammates whining and continued walking.

"Ja ne, (Y/N)-chan, Shin-chan." Since the green-haired giant was a bit ahead, he totally missed the suggestive wink Takao sent (Y/N), quickly reminding her to ask him about Momoi.

Her cheeks flushed as she quickly slapped his arm and caught up to the taller man's side.

They were now alone. And it was quiet. Crap.

"You're suddenly quiet, nanodayo."

She squeaked and mentally hit herself. She did all the talking, remember?

"J-Just thinking." Her eyes landed on the lucky item of the day, a pink bunny. Pink. Just like-

"About what." She looked up, his poker face on as usual —She couldn't tell if he was genuinely interested or just didn't like the silence.

'It's now or never.' The (h/c)-nette mentally pepped talk herself.

"Do y-you like Momoi-chan? Or anyone for that matter?" Screw your stutter.

The girl kept her gaze to the ground, bracing herself for the harsh truth.

"Why do you need to know?"

Her heart raced and she feared that he could hear it. She halted in her steps, as did Midorima.

Looking down at her, he could see her ears and face were painted a rosy pink and she was shaking like a leaf.

"O-Oi. Are you-" He started, but soon got cut off from her.

"I like you!" She shouted and clenched her eyes shut, not daring to see his reaction, "No. More like, I'm in love with you! Hopelessly in love with you. And I can't keep hiding it. I can't stop liking you u-until you tell me you're interested in s-someone else!"

It was quiet for a few seconds until Midorima spoke up, "You think I like Momoi-san?"

(Y/N) weakly stared at the ground now, too cowardly to look at him. "Well, you've always complimented her. You guys have also known each other for a long time now, so you're close. And she's very, very pretty. So I thought that-"


She looked up this time, completely shocked, "What?"

"Guys are after you as well. That ridiculous daily count you and that baka have, nanodayo." Midorima was frowning now.


"You're with him all the time, too. I don't like Momoi-san. So imagine how I feel when boys are constantly going for you." His eyes widened at the last statement. He had said too much.

"How you feel? What do you mea-" Realization dawned onto her.

"Jealous, Mido-kun?" She giggled as he started blushing. He'd been caught.

Turning away to hide his blush, he grumbled, "Hai."

(Y/N) stepped closer, her face just in front his chest.

"Are you relieved then? Shin-kun?" He blushed deeply at how close they were and at the nickname.

Swallowing, he looked away again and muttered, "H-Hai."

Unable to take it anymore, (Y/N) wrapped her arms around his torso, pushing herself against the tall teen. "Gomen for making you feel jealous, my ikemen." (A/N: ikemen is japanese for handsome man)

She was immediately pushed away by a red-faced Midorima, "O-OI! Y-You shouldn't say embarrassing things so easily especially in public, nanodayo!"

Giggling, she hooked arms with him, refusing to let go.

"Let's go home, Shin-tan."


Takao and Midorima were in Midorima's room. Takao sprawled on the floor beside Midorima's bed, and Midorima were currently drying out his hair staring into his bathroom mirror.

" Take a shower now, Takao." Midorima called.

" Alright." He sighed." Let me borrow a pair of your pants."

Midorima sighed, squinting over to his friend, due to his lack of glasses." Didn't you bring your own pair...?"

" Nope. Didn't know I was going to need to shower..."

Midorima's right eyebrow twitched." You're sleeping over, what makes you think you don't need to shower?!"

Takao just shrugged." Just lend me a pair."

Midorima sighed again." Fine. Get yourself some."

Takao grunted as he raised from his spot on the floor, stretching out as he made his way over to Midorima's dresser. Opening it, he dug around through the piles of neatly folded bottoms, until he froze in place a look of awe on his face. He snickered, snatching up what he found.

" Hey Mido...!~" Takao sung playfully, skipping to his friend.

" What is it?" Midorima glanced over at Takao.

 Takao snickered, holding up the baby blue laced panties he found." What chick are you banging?"

Midorima did a double-take on the intimate object, snatching it from Takao's hand, sputtering with a dark blush fanning his cheeks." I-I-It's n-not-"

" Hey, you don't have to lie to me, I'm your buddy! Just tell me- Is she hot? Is her tits big? Is she tight? Does she sound like an angel when you fuc-" Takao rambled, before being interrupted by Midorima's quivering hand to his mouth." Dmmph mph mph mpphh?" His rambles came out muffled.

" Never speak of this agai-" Midorima rasped out, before being interrupted by the sound of his door opening. There you stood, still in your uniform, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with a wide smile on your face." Mido!" You squealed, launching yourself at your green-haired boyfriend, giggling intently, going on about how much you missed him, and how it has been forever since you saw him, even though forever is a few of hours.

" Y-Y/N!" Midorima stuttered, glaring harshly at Takao when he wiggled his eyebrows in a devious manner." Why are you here?!"

You pulled back, pouting." Well, lets see..." You thought, before gasping." That's right! I left some of my clothes over here from that one night I stayed over." You winked, sauntering over to his dresser, digging through it." Let me tell you, that night was wonderful! How you made me feel, and how you touched me, I-" You grinned sheepishly at him." -I still feel it now!"

Midorima and Takao watched as you, pulled out a skirt, a sweater and and a lacy blue bra." Huh? I can't find my underwear..." You frowned.

" Found it right here!" You looked to Takao as he snatched the lacy thing from Midorima, ignoring his protests.

" Oh, thank you!" You beamed, snatching it from him, stuffing the clothes into your backpack, slinging it back onto your shoulder." Bye bye, Mido!" You pressed a loving kiss onto Midorima's mouth, poking the tip of your tongue against his to tease him, before making your way out of Midorima's room with a wave.

Midorima's blush darkened. How'd she even get in my house...?!

" Damn." Takao said after a moment of silence, rubbing the back of his neck with a smirk." Mind if we all do a threesome...?" Takao winked.

" Shut up, Takao!"


I don't even know anymore.

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