Gamma Beta Delta Aretus Scholarship Essay

Graduate Fellowships

Delta Gamma Foundation graduate fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis to qualified initiated members pursuing graduate/professional degrees. Selection is based on scholastic excellence, contributions to chosen field, past and current Delta Gamma activities and leadership, and campus and community involvement. For the 2017-2018 academic year 34 graduate members received merit-based fellowships of $2,500 or more. For questions or more information contact the Director of Scholarships and Fellowships at 

Applications for the 2018-2019 academic year will open now through April 1. Click here to apply.

Anchor Grants

Anchor Grants help Delta Gamma sisters who find themselves in extreme, unexpected life circumstances. To apply for an Anchor Grant, you must be an initiated Delta Gamma member and in good standing with the Fraternity. Anchor Grants are awarded throughout the year, as funds are available.

If you are applying due to a personal emergency (medical situation or other severe personal or family situation) please download our Anchor Grant: Personal Emergency Application.

If you are applying due to a natural disaster please download our Anchor Grant: Natural Disaster Application.


Abbie Chiasson – Southeastern Louisiana University

Ross & McCauley Scholarship Winner: 

Abbie Chiasson is entering her senior year as a double degree candidate in English Literature and Language and Secondary English Education at Southeastern Louisiana University. After completing her undergraduate degree, Abbie plans to apply to graduate school to complete a Masters in English. Abbie hopes to be a proficient teacher in the future with focuses in English and teaching English as a Second Language. Abbie is very involved in campus and community clubs, events, and volunteering. She was recently awarded the Division of Student Affairs Outstanding Woman of the Year 2017 as a recognition of her campus involvement and character. She is honored to have been chosen as one of the 2017 W.R. Russ and Margaret McCauley Scholarship recipients for her dedication to scholarship, character, and service

Skyler Schoolfield – Howard Payne University

Ross & McCauley Scholarship Winner: 

Skyler is a senior at Howard Payne University with a triple major in the Guy D. Newman Honors Academy: The Program for Civic Leadership & Public Policy, Social Science: Jurisprudence, and Spanish.  She will attend law school in the Fall of 2018 with the intention of becoming a Texas Prosecutor for Crimes Against Children. As a Christian, Gamma Beta Phi is more than a service organization; it is an application of her faith because of the organization’s dedication to service and charity as well as the qualities exhibited in the Code of Ethics, and she is honored to call myself a member.

Brandon Kerbow – University of Texas, Austin

Gamma Beta Phi Service in Excellence Scholarship Winner:

Brandon Kerbow is entering his 5th year of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, the same city he grew up in. He hopes to end his time at UT with a bang and earn a minor in Computer Science, and most importantly seek out a career that he will love. Gamma Beta Phi has given him plentiful opportunities to meet like-minded students outside of his major and further explore his interest in volunteering. It has allowed him to grow as a member and also an officer, serving as both the Fundraising Chair and Service Chair. He is thankful for the past three years and the one to come within Gamma Beta Phi, and hook ’em horns!

Morgan Oakley – Appalachian State University

Gamma Beta Phi Service in Excellence Scholarship Winner:

Morgan is a senior at Appalachian State University from Baltimore, Maryland. She is an Exercise Science major with a Pre- Professional concentration and have a minor in Psychology. She plans to attend Physical Therapy School upon graduation, specializing in Orthopedics or Pediatrics. Being a member of GBP has been an appreciated honor and a memorable experience. GBP has taught her the value of excellence in service and academics and has provided endless opportunities that allow her to extend her contributions within the community and beyond.


Leah Davis – Pellissippi State Community College

Gamma Beta Phi Character Scholarship Winner:

Leah Davis is an award winning and highly determined Business Management and Administration graduate from Pellissippi State Community College. She will continue her education by earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Management at Lipscomb University under a full tuition transfer trustee scholarship. The Gamma Beta Phi honor society provides clarity to Leah’s life. As treasurer, she uses her leadership position as an opportunity to help others and herself grow as model citizens. Leah values hard-work, self-discipline, unique thinking, and above all Gamma Beta Phi and what it stands for.

Grayce Behnke – Marshall University

Gamma Beta Phi Character Scholarship Winner:

Gamma Beta Phi is an amazing group of people who provide support for your every goal and ambition. As she begins her future, first by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science and later obtaining a job in this field, she plans to remain involved in Gamma Beta Phi. Gamma Beta Phi has provided her with a mentor in our amazing faculty sponsor, Patty Carman, opportunity to explore different leadership roles, and has allowed her to become more involved in volunteerism in the Marshall University community. She will carry the lessons that she learned from Gamma Beta Phi with her throughout her life.

Nadia Hogan – Texas Tech University

Gamma Beta Phi Leadership Award:

Nadia is a graduate student at Texas Tech University majoring in Accounting concentration in audit. She will be interning with Deloitte in Dallas in Spring 2018 and hopes to start her career as an auditor with Deloitte after she graduates with her Masters of Science in Accounting and receive her CPA.  She is grateful for being a part of GBP, for it provides her friendship, leadership, and volunteering. She has met many incredible self-less people through GBP who commits to helping for the betterment of their communities and university. Through friendship, she learned to look up to leaders among our officers and GBP members and work alongside them. She learned to lead by example and be a better leader. Because of GBP, she is able to concentrate her time and energy on something that benefits others – and she will always be grateful for that.

Nicole Tatum – Durham Technical Community College

Gamma Beta Phi Leadership Award:

Being a great leader is a lot like being the conductor of a beautiful symphony. A leader takes on the many responsibilities for their team, while at the same time empowers each member to be the best possible in life, so that they too can achieve their full potential. Much like the conductor, an effective leader has the ability to inspire others to come together and create beautiful music. A collaboration of sweet melodies that will continue to inspire and empower the people around them. Leadership is a wonderful gift that just keeps on giving! Being an inspiration to someone is both priceless and absolutely free, no purchase necessary!




The Gamma Beta Phi Society Scholarship Awards Program.
Under the Program, Eight (8) scholarships will be awarded to Gamma Beta Phi Members who are in good-standing with The Society.



The W.R. Russ and Margaret McCauley: Two (2) $1,500 scholarships are available for Gamma Beta Phi Members in Good-Standing in The Society. This scholarship is based on Scholarship, Character, and Service. It encompasses community service preformed in the name of The Gamma Beta Phi Society, GPA, GBP Leadership, and strength of character.

The G.B.P. Service in Excellence: Two (2) $750 scholarships are available for Gamma Beta Phi Members in Good-Standing in The Society. This scholarship is based on community service performed in the name of The Gamma Beta Phi Society.

The G.B.P. Chapter Leadership: Two (2) $750 scholarships are available for Gamma Beta Phi Members in Good-Standing in The Society. This scholarship is based on leadership demonstrated within the Chapter. (i.e. chapter officer, committee chair, etc.)

The G.B.P. Character: Two (2) $750 scholarships are available for Gamma Beta Phi Members in Good-Standing in The Society. This scholarship is based on GPA, financial need, and strength of character.



  • Seeking Gamma Beta Phi Members with a record of volunteerism in the community in the name of academic excellence, and participation in Chapter Leadership activities.
  • Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, and be in good-standing with his or her chapter.
  • Scholarship funds will be paid in the Fall Semester of 2018. It will be the student’s responsibility to submit a mailing address for the mailing of the scholarship.
  • Applicants must have the endorsement of their Advisor on their application attesting they are a qualified for this scholarship. The Gamma Beta Phi Society* strongly suggests that each Chapter present this opportunity to the strongest applicants that match this program’s guidelines. The application process will open in the Spring of 2018. More information will be sent to all members, with instructions on the application process. 
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