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Respect in the Military Essay

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Respect in the Military

It has been said that military standards are higher than the country demands of its president. And that is true. President Clinton lied under oath.
Perhaps that is not perjury, but an army officer could not do that. Nor could army personnel have extramarital affairs. Kelly Flynn found that out when she lost her position in the Air Force and years of pilot training went down the drain. But for the Commander in Chief, it is another story.

While it is true that the Commander in Chief is able to get away with misbehavior, military personnel have been warned not to criticize him. In fact, the various branches have been reminding troops that they can be prosecuted for publicly condemning the Commander in…show more content…

Thus, just because Clinton admitted to doing the misdeeds, he cannot be criticized by military members. In other words, one cannot accurately talk about
President Clinton without getting into serious trouble.

The military may seem unnecessarily restrictive or antiquated but there is a reason for the mandate. Officers must respect their superiors. It is simple as that. The reasoning behind that is that routines and orders must be obeyed. After all, soldiers are being trained and must be ready to go into combat at any time. The reason that the personnel cannot criticize their leader should be obvious. If a war or conflict were to break out, it would significantly affect performance as well as the world's perception about the
United States. Thus, no matter how one feels, there must be respect given to every single officer all the way up the line to the commander in chief. The fact that Clinton himself has not been in compliance is immaterial. While he is the Commander in Chief he is still considered to be a civilian.

While it is important to give the president respect, respect to Military
Superior Commanding Officers and Non Commission Officers is perhaps even more pertinent. If theoretically, when one is in the trenches with superiors, they must be ready to accept orders willingly. The only way to accomplish this is with respect and military courtesy. Thus, the fundamental purpose of having and enforcing a chain of command with

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Respect: Military and Orders Essay examples

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The Importance of Following Orders.

Why is it important to follow orders and instructions? From a military standpoint the difference can mean life or death for a soldier. On the civilian side it can mean the loss of your job, loss of position, or loss of pay. There are many factors that play into each individual scenario. No two events are ever the same and the outcome can range from a verbal reprimand to the death of the individual.

Orders are meant to be obeyed both explicitly and implicitly. There can be and should be no deviation from the prescribed order. In peacetime or during times of war we as soldiers do not have either the option or the privilege to take the orders issued to us into our own hands. The only time this is…show more content…

Following orders is one of the most important things you do being in the Army, or any branch in the armed services, enlisted or reserve. Obedience is what enables the military to operate in an organized and effective manner which is clearly very important during challenging military situations. While many individuals can question the notion of obedience in daily their life, this luxury is often not available to us in the military, where the grand goals and aims require smooth internal functioning and coordination throughout the chain of command. Indeed, many of the standards that put up with and endure would be frowned upon outside the military, yet they are essential to our work's success within. For example, punishment is never really deemed to be a positive occurrence in an average person’s life, whereas in the military, it is meant to strengthen one's determination and instill discipline. It also enables a person to learn and fully take on the importance of following orders in. Not following orders is not an optional choice that we in the armed forces can make upon signing that contract. In fact, the act of the act of disobedience is considered to be an infraction and a person who placed himself in such a situation can find himself facing negative counseling statements, or smoking’s. Thus, respect and obedience is of the utmost significance in the military as it helps

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