Mclane High School Twitter Assignment

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) --

An art teacher at McLane High School is recovering at home after one of his students allegedly punched him several times in the face Tuesday afternoon.

Students said the altercation happened in fifth period after the teacher asked the student to step outside to speak with him for being disruptive in class. When the teacher and student walked back in, violence erupted.

"He thought it was all good, the teacher pulled him back inside and all of a sudden socking him in the face. He got a big lump on his forehead and they called the ambulance," said a student.

Those who knew the ninth grader said they were shocked by what he did.

"He's a cool kid, I didn't think he would do something like that but he probably had a rough day-- that's why teacher got to him," said Tayshawn Bradford, student. "No excuse for nothing like that, that's kind of messed up."

Some parents are also stunned by the news.

"McLane has always been a good school the last few years my daughter went there, they went there ninth grade to twelfth grade and it was always safe," said Angie Vasquez, parent.

But McLane teachers say this is part of a bigger problem.

In November, 70 of the school's 85 teachers signed a petition, claiming administration is doing very little to help with classroom disruptions, verbal assaults towards staff, and on campus fights.

Tish Rice, President of the Fresno Teacher's Association, tells us staff has repeatedly gone to school and district leaders asking for help.

"And nothing seems to change time and time again, and it's really about we don't want to rehash the things that are needed we need a leader to implement what we are asking and that has failed to happen at McLane."

We reached out to the district about those concerns and received this statement reading in part, "Prior to winter break a number of strategic actions items were rolled out to staff, including addressing issues of student tardiness, discipline, and school site communication. Fresno Unified has also provided a number of additional supports to ensure these plans are moving forward and remain in place."

The district said they are taking Tuesday's incident very seriously and appropriate disciplinary actions will be taken.

As for the teacher, he is going to be off for the next few days.

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