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The Ghost Map Essay

In The Ghost Map, Steven Johnson informs us of the cholera outbreak that engrossed London in 1854. The accepted conviction at the time was that the malady was as a result of miasma - terrible, malodorous air that pervaded the conurbation. A general practitioner by name John Snow was convinced that the cholera was caused by water related factors, and a clergyman named Henry Whitehead positioned himself out to demonstrate that, the physician wash erroneous. Jointly, the two men established that Snow was correct. It was Snow's "ghost map," illustrating the affiliation of where inhabitants passed away in relation to their water resource that persuaded the urban leaders to take the opposite measures. Steven Johnson (2006) employs the anecdote of the cholera epidemic to demonstrate how conurbations, precedent and current, continue to seek appropriate measures to deal with tribulations created by bulky concentrations of citizens living in swarming areas.

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In conclusion, On August 28, 1854, a plebeian Londoner Sarah Lewis drained a bucket of dissipated water into the open drain of her neglected high-rise building and activated the deadliest eruption of cholera in the city's record. A Victorian town with more than 2 million inhabitants crammed into a ten-mile perimeter. This is the account of two dedicated men: Dr. John Snow who initiated the use of ether as an sedative in the United Kingdom, and on a private note, refers to the foremost medical use of ether by Dr. William Morton; and the Reverend Henry Whitehead, an Oxford-educated juvenile whose Anglican mission did nothing to decrease his affection for London watering holes. Therefore, by exploring diverse living aspects which were ignored within the larger London, the book presents vivid accounts on how dense cities can be affected by mire health ignorance. All in all, it is a well articulated book.

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The Ghost Map has received encouraging scholarly analysis with numeral academicians asserting that, more considerably, though, he depicts London not just as an opinionated and geographical body, but also, as an existing organism that has to nurture and replenish itself to stay alive. He makes livelier what might have been dry-as-dust discipline coverage with brilliantly drawn characters and abundant bookish references. Better still, he permits his personal fervor for such flashes of individual inventiveness to stand out through. This book opens up with a vivid description of London as a metropolitan of foragers: pure-finders, night-soilmen, sewer-hunters and bone-pickers among others.  Against this milieu of vile and appalling smells, and in the face of terrible epidemic, Snow illustrated that, cholera was spread through unhygienic water. In opposition to substantial resistance from the health and bureaucratic institution, Snow persevered and, with hard work and revolutionary research, facilitated to carry about elemental changes in our understanding of maladies and their spread. Johnson interlaces in overlapping thoughts about the augmentation of civilization, the institution of cities, and development to exhilarating effect. This is a comprehensive book integrating a detective story, a preface to figures (math), and a private history. From Snow's unearthing of patient zero to Johnson's convincing dispute for and celebration of towns, this makes for an enlightening and fulfilling read. It is not a book for the easily offended however; a vibrant explanation of death from cholera is graphically and frighteningly detailed. As remarkable as the central body of the book is, Johnson concludes with an Epilogue, which I suppose was most likely written well after he completed the telling of Dr. Snow’s account.

Ghost are Real Essay

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Ghost are Real

Ghosts, as with any other misunderstood group or people, have been preyed upon by others without understanding. The lack of knowledge about ghosts and haunting activity has led people astray as to what they really are. What Hollywood and television portrays is very inaccurate and cannot be relied upon as truthful. They show these spirits of the dead as being evil in nature, filled with malice and harmful intent. But that this is not the case. The field of paranormal activity is amazing. It has caught the imagination of people from every walk of life. It has always interested me and has influenced me to pick this as the topic for my research. Through this research I wish to uncover the truth about the existence of ghosts.…show more content…

In a sense our essence will not change. Just as there are disagreeable people we meet in life, there will be disagreeable Spirits we will encounter. Some people believe all ghosts to be evil. This is not so. Just because a person does, not for whatever reason, go on after death does not make them evil or mean they are here to do harm.
In theory, ghosts are the remnants of what was once a human being. Someone, who at one time, had substance on this earth. They are everything that we, as living creatures, are- but without the vehicle we call the human body. They exhibit all the mental attributes that you and I have such as thought, conscience, emotions and emotional needs, morals, calculation, ego, personality and everything that makes up the human psyche.

Acknowledging the existence of ghosts or spirits leads one to ask why they are here. Here are several answers. One reason is that the spirit does not realize, or refuses to believe, that it has died. This can often be the case, but not always. If one suffers a sudden or unexpected death, in disbelief, they may not pass on to whatever destination. Denial or unawareness may be the key to someone remaining behind. They will continue to go about their daily lives as though nothing happened. There are documented cases of this instance. Take for example; a mother dies unexpectedly, obviously she'd want to be home with her family. Soon, the family begins to notice strange

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