Kildonan East Collegiate Dissertation

Professor of Geography and Assistant Director of the Planetarium
Physical Science Department
Bakersfield College

661-395-4563 Office MS 27

My extraordinary interest in science from a very young age and my enjoyment of the subject in school were the foundations for my career in geography.  My parents were both teachers and they were very supportive and encouraged me to continue with my studies.


After graduating from high school at Kildonan East Collegiate, I attended the University of Winnipeg for five years, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, as well as completing numerous physics and other science courses.  In the fall of 1999, I attended the University of North Dakota on a Teaching Assistantship and two years later achieved a Master of Science degree with emphasis in Physical Geography.   My research focus for my thesis was analyzing patterns of deforestation in the Brazilian and Bolivian Amazon.  Finally, I rounded out my education with another Teaching Assistantship at Indiana State University (ISU) graduating in 2005 with a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Geography. I was fortunate to secure the opportunity to travel to Santarem, Brazil, where I collected Leaf Area Index measurements for use in my dissertation research.


At ISU I taught Physical Geography for three years while preparing for my PhD.  After graduation I moved to Bakersfield, CA where I hold the rank of Tenured Professor.


As for hobbies, I am an avid guitar player and love almost all types of music. I also participate in organized sports whenever I have the opportunity. Sports I have played include hockey, soccer, baseball and golf.


Menzies, John, Ryan Jensen, Eduardo Brondizio, Emilio Moran, and Paul Mausel. (2007). "Accuracy of Neural Network and Regression Leaf Area Estimators for the Amazon Basin." GIScience and Remote Sensing, 44(1):82-92.

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