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Pro Immigration

We live in the age where scandalous and controversial topics cover the news headlines. Such subject matters as homosexuality, A.I.D.S, and abortion are fiercely debated upon. Sides are always taken, with the conservatives battling the liberals. One such argument that has always been debated upon since the founding of this nation has been immigration. The fact that it has been argued over for so long makes it seem ironic. A country founded by immigrants perpetually arguing over immigration. The basis of this dispute runs deep and that is what will be discussed in this following paper.

Anti-immigrant sentiments have been circulating since the Alien Act of
June 25, 1798 . The Act was the first federal…show more content…

With the incoming immigrants they do take away jobs that could have been taken by Americans. But most of the jobs that some of the immigrants take are the unwanted ones. The incoming immigrants also overcrowd the cities and start to overpopulate in the States in Taking Sides they state that approximately fifteen to eighteen million are expected to arrive in the states within the next ten years . Another valid point is that with the arrival of so many different types of people that we lose a sense of nationality. Every race starts to clique together and tries to shut out the rest of the neighboring societies.
But that was similar of past races, its just a matter of time. The biggest immigration problem is illegal or undocumented immigrants. They arrive on great numbers (though less than half of all of the immigrants arriving in America).
The only problem with curbing the numbers of illegal immigrants is it is often difficult to put a control on them.

The pro-immigration stance on the arrival of settlers from abroad mostly take what the anti-immigrant stand says and rationale it out. With the arrival of immigrants the truth is that they don't take jobs away they create more.
With an entrepreneur mentality the newcomers open their own small businesses therefore creating much more dire needed jobs. Another advantage to having a diversity of people is there is no stagnation. There always is a new influx of

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