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Mary Jo Eustace is a Canadian actress who is the ex-wife of Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s husband. Spelling and McDermott have been in the media over the past year for an affair McDermott had with a woman named Emily Goodhand. As a result, McDermott went off to rehab and has tried to overcome his demons. He and wife Tori Spelling have opened their lives up to the world with their reality show True Tori, that focuses on McDermott’s affair and the aftermath of his cheating. This season on the show, we meet Mary Jo Eustace for the first time as she sits down for a face-to-face meeting with Spelling. Read on for the facts on Eustace and what we can expect to see from her in regards to her ex’s cheating scandal.

1. McDermott Cheated on Eustace with Wife Tori Spelling

Eustace was married to Dean McDermott for 13 years when he cheated on her with current wife Tori Spelling. The two were married July 24, 1993 and they moved to Los Angeles together when McDermott began working more in that area. McDermott met Spelling while filming the Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder and the two began an affair even though both were married. The affair reportedly occurred the night they met in July 2005. Less than a year later, on May 7, 2006, the two tied the knot on the beach in Fiji. This was less than a month after Spelling’s divorce from Charlie Shanian was finalized.

2. Spelling Told Eustace It’s Okay to Say “I Told You So”

On the second season of reality show True Tori, Eustace meets with Tori Spelling and Spelling tells her that it’s okay to say, “I told you so,” or that her getting cheated on is karma. Eustace tells Spelling she takes no pleasure from her getting cheated on and thinks the situation is “very sad.” She also reveals to Spelling that she feels McDermott may have had an agenda when getting together with her. Watch the awkward clip of Spelling and Eustace’s sit-down above.

3. Eustace Wrote About her Husband’s Affair in Two Books


Eustace wrote about her break-up with McDermott in her book Divorce Sucks: What to do When Irreconcilable Differences, Lawyer Fees, and Your Ex’s Hollywood Wife Make You Miserable which was released in October 2009. She also wrote about her divorce in Palm Springs, a collection of stories from 21 women. Here’s an excerpt from Eustace’s opinion about how to go about meeting “the other woman,” aka Tori Spelling.

There’s really no better way to pass the time than chatting with the woman who helped destroy your family—especially if she opts to rub it in your face or show you romantic pictures of the two of them on her cell phone. This really is the type of situation where, unless you’re highly medicated, the chances for conflict are basically a given. It’s sort of like asking Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie to share their favorite Brad Pitt moments; it just isn’t natural. But for better or worse, if you have children and your man is intent on hooking up with this new gal, you’ll have to face “the other woman.” When this occurs, the more control you can have over this situation the better—even if it involves prepared notes, electronic support via e-mail, and closed-circuit cameras.

4. McDermott And Eustace Were Adopting a Daughter When They Divorced


Eustace and McDermott had a son named Jack together, born October 1998. You may have seen him on some of McDermott’s reality shows with wife Spelling in the past. When McDermott began his affair with Tori Spelling, he and Eustace were in the process of adopting a baby girl named Lola. McDermott opted not to follow through with the adoption, so Eustace finished the process of adopting her daughter Lola (born April 2005) on her own as a single parent. Eustace moved back to Canada with her children, though McDermott was awarded joint custody with son Jack. In 2008, Eustace moved back to Los Angeles.

Pictured with son Jack (Twitter)

5. She Appeared on Cooking Shows, Much Like her Ex


While McDermott has been a cast member on the Canadian cooking show Chopped, his ex also had her hand in several cooking programs like What’s For Dinner? and What’s For Breakfast? In 2008, Eustace co-hosted He Said, She Said with Ken and Mary Jo, another cooking show. Eustace also co-wrote a cookbook called By My Side and recorded a music album titled “Bone & Marrow.”

While husband Dean McDermott’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, Eustace’s is not reported.

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