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history n.record, description, old
memoir n.feature, report, account
life history n. & exp. & idi.account, life, story
life story n. & exp. & idi.note, account, record
journal n.note, account, record
life n.note, account, record
diary n.account, record, life
record, account, story
chronicle, account, record
story n.information, account, record
bio n.note, review, account
account n.note, report, record
annals account, record, story
experiences n.account
confessions n.note, account, life
chronology n.chronicle
résumé n.account
archive n.record, chronicle
autobiography n.feature, note, report
profile n.account, life, description



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History is a systematic record of past events. Annals and chronicles relate events with little regard to their relative importance, and with complete subserviency to their succession in time. Annals are yearly records; chronicles follow the order of time. Both necessarily lack emphasis, selection, and perspective. Archives are public records, which may be annals, or chronicles, or deeds of property, etc. Memoirs generally record the lives of individuals or facts pertaining to individual lives. A biography is distinctively a written account of one person's life and actions; an autobiography is a biography written by the person whose life it records. Annals, archives, chronicles, biographies, and memoirs and other records furnish the materials of history. History recounts events with careful attention to their importance, their mutual relations, their causes and consequences, selecting and grouping events on the ground of interest or importance. History is usually applied to such an account of events affecting communities and nations, tho sometimes we speak of the history of a single eminent life. Compare RECORD.

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account, annals, archives, autobiography, chronicle, history, memoir, memorial, muniment, narration, narrative, recital, record, register, story

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