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The ICMPD library offers one of the largest collections of migration-specific literature and documentation in Austria. In particular, it focuses on the compilation of "grey literature" (unpublished reports, seminar papers, research papers, etc.) and on contributions to journals, collected editions, and monographs. In the last few years, more emphasis has been given to the inclusion of publications of international European institutions, such as the European Commission, the European Council, Global Commission for International Migration, COMPAS, etc. The current focus of documentation, thus, lies on new releases and online publications regarding migration policies at an international and European level.

In addition, the library provides an exhaustive collection of Austrian migration and asylum statistics, comparative migration and integration policies, and respective laws. Currently the library draws on about 40 international and Austrian migration-specific journals, which are regularly updated and freely accessible to all library users. The ICMPD library is comprised of literature on:

  • Causes, developments and impacts of migration flows
  • Austrian, European, and global migration and asylum statistics
  • Integration of immigrants in Austria and the EU
  • Asylum and refugee policies
  • Irregular migration and human smuggling
  • Trafficking in human beings
  • European integration

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Video of Lunchtime Conference, 27 November 2017,  External Cooperation Info Point. Presentations by Albert Kraler and Aurelie Sgro.
Video available here

Roland Hosner, Irina Vana, Golschan Khun Jush (November 2017): Integrationsmaßnahmen und Arbeitsmarkterfolg von Flüchtlingen und subsidiär Schutzberechtigen in Österreich (FIMAS). Forschungsbericht des FIMAS-Projekts. 
Download (in German)

2017 DemandAT Working Papers, Case Studies and Policy Briefs

2017 Migrants In Countries In Crisis (MICIC) Case Studies and Fact Sheets

Albert Kraler, Maegan Hendow and Ferruccio Pastore (2016): Multiplicity and multiplication: Transformations of Border Control, Journal of Borderlands Studies.

2016 Migrants In Countries In Crisis (MICIC) Research Briefs and Reports.

Alexandra König, Katharina Schaur, Jimy Perumadan (2016): Dividing, connecting, relocating: Emotions and journeys of embodiment in transnational space. In: Transnational Social Review.


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