Are Actors And Professional Athletes Paid Way Too Much Essay

Are Actors And Professional Athletes Paid Too Much?

What professions deserve to be paid top dollar? Everyone thinks of a doctor or a lawyer or a high up businessman. Nobody considers teachers, firemen, policemen, soldiers, or rescue team workers. The people who risk their lives each and every day for the safety and knowledge of our society are the people who sometimes struggle to even make a living. Is this fair? Then on the other hand you have the actors and actresses and all the professional athletes that simply wake up every morning to train and entertain the world. These people make millions and millions of dollars day in and day out, for doing nothing but entertaining.
When you compare a teacher to an actor, you obviously see that the two jobs are very different. Teachers these days have very low incomes and are sometimes put into the worst situations when it comes to the schools and students they have. I don’t think very many teachers could say that they do what they do because of the money, almost everyone would say they do it because they love the kids or just love that they feel that they are teaching and sharing knowledge with young people. I think students take their teachers for granted because even though they don’t want to admit it, without them they couldn’t get anywhere in life. Although many people look up to actors and have reasons for that, I think a teacher is more of a role model than any famous actor could be. I’m not saying that teachers should be handed loads of money but taking away ridiculous amounts of money from actors and actresses to divide into teachers’ salaries could be a very good thing.
There are good just as there are bad. While I do agree that actors and professional athletes are overpaid it’s not like their jobs are just easy. Most of their pay is based off of their performance. If one doesn’t work hard at the sport they play then they could easily lose their position and if an actor doesn’t go in doing his part to his full potential someone else could easily step up and take over. Also, we as fans have a lot to do with how much the players make. Going to games and buying tickets, buying officially licensed merchandise, and paying for overpriced beers and foods at the games are all factors in their incomes. It may not be a lot but if people stopped all of this then their salaries would have to go down to balance out the budget. If an athlete is at a lower level than another then his or her pay isn’t going to be as high. For example, everyone knows who Derek Jeter and Dustin Pedroia but what about Bryce Bentz or Slade Heathcott? Both of these guys play on a professional baseball team but nobody would know who they were if they heard their names. I do think that a lot do professionals give to charities and use their money for good things, not all of them keep it and spend it on crazy luxury items.
When you bring all things into consideration...

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Throughout the history, there always existed and exists a kind of people who would rather count somebody else’s money than earn a little bit of their own. The difference between the past and the present is that previously this idea was called “envy” and was treated correspondingly; nowadays it is called something like “just redistribution of wealth” and is used as a kind of religion by leftist politicians.

Among the targets of this redistribution there are such people as actors and professional athletes who, according to the popular belief, don’t do anything useful yet are being paid thousands of times more than honest workers. Unfair! Yet one question always remains unanswerable: if the work done by these people is so much easier and more pleasant, why all these honest workers don’t give their daily job up and do the same? The answer is simple: because they cannot.

Professional sportsmen and actors possess certain qualities that make other people eager to pay millions of dollars to them – not without the influence of the above mentioned honest workers, who simply like to watch them doing their job.

It doesn’t matter whether the work done by a person brings any real benefits. What are these benefits, after all? Real benefits for whom? Which benefits are more real than the others? The only scale that defines the value of your work is how much other people are willing to pay you for it and how easy it is to replace you. Actors and athletes are unique, so there is no real possibility to find an identical substitute; while any average worker may be replaced by any other average worker.

Justice doesn’t have anything to do with it. It is the matter of economics.


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