Hca/220 Week 8 Assignment Decision Making

Capital InvestmentCapital budgeting includes the decision making processes for capital investment. Capital investment is composed of five different processes. These processes include strategy, identity, estimate, decide, and monitor. According to the textbook, the strategy phase initiates the investment processes. Strategy is a set of decisions that have to be made over a time period. The first step after the strategy is to “identify and classify projects for consideration (Smith 2014).” Inorder to complete this step, the submission of a proposal is required. The next step in capital investment is to estimate the flow of cash and/or the lack of. When preparing a cost project, the cover sheet includes amount for the startup costs of a proposed project. According to the text book, the majority of capital investments are closely associated with the purchasing equipment and/or materials that aid in completing the project. The key to utilizing resources properly is to

HU260 Strategies in Decision Making Week 8 Critical thinking happens within every human, everywhere. It’s how we process the information that determines whether the outcome (or reaction) is smart, efficient, ambitious, or any other emotion that we go through. There are eight elements of thought, and eight intellectual standards that determines and measure our critical thinking in situations from simple to extreme. The three real life scenarios in the following paragraphs will be broken down, and analyzed using two out of the eight of elements of thought, and the intellectual standards. Intellectual Standards In the intellectual standards of thinking, precision and logic will be used to examine the following three scenarios. In examining scenario A, (a raid gone wrong in another country), details are lacking on what exactly went wrong in the raid to come to a decision of opening fire on innocent people. Also, a lack of precision, and details that went into the raid operation itself set off a chain of events that ultimately jeopardized the mission. The logic behind the commander’s request to the squad is plausible. Shooting innocent people isn’t acceptable by many people standards, and consequences from that action is never good. If the story was changed to make those

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