An Essay On Say No To Crackers Fancy

Diwali has brought a light of joy to all the houses till now and people are in the mood to celebrate the festival with their family and friends. But does anyone think of the pollution caused by the fire crackers that are burst with so much fanfare?

When one thinks of Diwali, it is natural to get a picture of fire-crackers burning at every home and street. But one should also give a thought to the environmental pollution and the effects of it on the living beings.

This festival many actors and even commoners have taken a stand and are raising awareness about an eco-friendly celebration.

Instead of spending thousands of money on the crackers just to show off that you have the longest ladi, light up your houses with diyas. 

"Delhi saw the PM10 particle levels shoot up by five times after last year's Diwali celebrations," Firstpost reported. "In fact even SO2 levels were much higher, while in some areas the level of sound pollution also went up despite the 10 pm deadline."

The pollution caused by fire-crackers not only affects the environment but also creates respiratory problems. The pollutants make it difficult to breathe and it is harmful for the asthmatic patients.

One should also keep in mind that the sound from the crackers annoys pets, especially dogs, as their hearing is four to seven times higher than ours. 

However, if children in the family insist on bursting crackers then eco-friendly crackers are a good option as they are noise-free. 

This Diwali take a step ahead and go-green. Be creative to make the 'festival of lights' pollution-free and green coloured rangolis and green lighting can be the theme this year.

DNA asked few TV actors about how they have planned to celebrate Diwali this year and interestingly most of them are celebrating in an eco-friendly manner.

Tina Dutta, popular TV actress from the serial "Uttaran", said, "Let's fill our home with prayers and lights and not with fumes and crackers because it is hazardous our health."

Gautam Rode from Sanjay Leela Bhansali's "Saraswatichandra" also believes in eco-friendly celebration and said, "I have always believed in an eco-friendly Diwali as I don't think I could ever enjoy myself when the environment is being harmed."

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 7 contestant and the handsome hunk of television industry Karan Tacker said, "This year I have used minimum amount of electric decoration and used lots of diyas in the house which look beautiful."

Diwali is supposed to be festival of lights in India. However, off late things have gone awry on the whole meaning of this festival. Nowadays, it is more of all possible kinds of environmental pollution. All thanks to crackers! If you have not read this article about crackers and child labor behind that industry on my blog yet, read it now. As a customary caution, I am sharing this post with you all so that at least some amount of awareness will help towards eco-friendly celebrations of this festival.

Found this very intuitive and eye catching message poster shared on Facebook and re-sharing it here.

PS: This photo collage is NOT my work. Facebook share had a mention of ‘Credits: Gurmeet Sapal’. Creative work & copyright remains with the creator who shared it initially on fb.

As always, scribbling something here without prior work is not my forte. Last year around the same time started investing in ‘Rang De’ with the money that I saved on crackers. It all started with as little as INR 2000/- last year for diwali, and today I am proud to say that my investment on rural entrepreneurs has increased multiple times. Here is the link for my complete Rang De portfolio of investment on such a great fantastic work that team is doing. Rang De’s vision is to make poverty history in India by reaching out to underserved communities through microcredit. They are striving to do this through a network of committed field partners and social investors, by offering microcredit that has a positive impact on business, education, health and environment of the communities they work with. Feel feel to consider using the money you spend on crackers for something more meaningful that really lights up the lives of many around us. That would be the right way to celebrate Diwali.

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