Chandranath Sinha Mla Bibliography

Drama Anthology

The blazing shrine: an anthology of one-act plays in English by Indian writers. Edited by V.N. Bhushan. Bombay: Padma Pub., 1941.

Drama by Individual Authors

Abbas, Khwaja Ahmad, 1914-1987.

Advani, Methasing Tiloksing

  • The Indian mirror: or the reflections. Hyderabad, Sind: Good Star Press, 1907-1911. 4 vols.
  • My silly partition: an original farce. Hyderabad, Sind: Good Star Press, 1910. 16 p.
  • My three pees. Hyderabad, Sind: Good Star Press, 1912. xvi, 207 p.

Aiyangar, Venbakkam V. Srinivasa, 1871-

  • At any cost. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1921.
  • Blessed in a wife: an Indian society drama in English in three acts. Madras: G.C. Loganadham Bros., 1911. 26 p.
  • The bricks between. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1918. 52 p.
  • Dramatic divertissements: Blessed in a wife; The point of view; The surgeon-general's prescription, Vichu's wife; Wait for the stroke. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1921. 2 vols.
  • The point of view: a drama in three acts. Madras: n.p., 1915. 34 p.
  • Sub-assistant magistrate of Sultanpet. Madras: Everyman's Pub., n.d.
  • The surgeon-general's prescription: a play in one scene. Madras: n.p., 1913. 42 p.
  • The tragic denouement. Madras: Everyman's Pub., 1921.
  • Two selves. Madras: Everyman's Pub., n.d.
  • Vichu's wife: a little comic play in two scenes. Madras: n.p., 1911. 31 p.

Aiyar, R.S. Narayanaswami

  • Varsulka: scenes from social life. Madras: Tamil Sangam Power Press, 1915. 31 p.

Aiyar, T.S. Krishna

  • Lord Clive: a drama in five acts. Trichinopoly: St. Joseph's Industrial School Press, 1913. viii, 54 p.

Akhundzadah, Fath Ali, 1812-1878. Persian

  • An English translation of Mard-i-Khasis: a play in five acts. Trans. by K.M. Maitra. Lahore: n.p., 1923. ii, 104 p.
  • An English translation of the Vazir of Lankuram: a play in four acts. Trans. and edited by K.M. Maitra. 2nd ed. Lahore: n.p., 1923. xxxix, 74 p. Originally written in Turkish.
  • Persian plays: three Persian plays. Trans. by A. Rogers. London: W.H. Allen, & Co., 1890. vi, 73, 172 p. Persian/English text. Originally written in Turkish.
  • Sarguzast Wazir Khan-i-Lankuran: a play in four acts. Trans. and edited by K.M. Maitra. Lahore: Atma Ram & Co., 1916. 48, 78, 5 p. Persian/English text.
  • The Vazir of Lankuram: a Persian play; a text-book of modern colloquial Persian for the use of European travellers, residents in Persia, and students in India. Edited and trans. by W.H.D. Haggard and G. Le Strange. London: Trubner, 1882. 176, 53 p.; London: Luzac, 1930. 53 p. Originally written in Turkish. Persian/English text.
  • The Vazir of Lankuran: a play in four acts. Trans. and edited by Shams-ul-'Ulama Maulavi Muhammad Yusuf Ja'fari and D.C. Phillott. Calcutta: Baptist Mission Press, 1911. 36, 74 p.

Ali, Abdul of Hyderabad-Deccan

  • The rebel, the imperialist. Madras; Pub. by the author, 1944. iv, 59 p.

Ali, Ahmed, 1908-

  • The land of twilight: a one act play in verse. Lucknow: R.R. Sreshtra, 1937. 25 p.


  • The bride of god. Tungabhadra: Prema Literary Society, 1931.

Anonymous Tamil

  • Arichandra, the martyr of truth. Adapted by A. Padmanabha from the classic English version of the late Sir Mutu Coomara Swamy. London: Smith Edler and Co., 1863. xxiii, 262 p.; Colombo: Ceylon Examiner Press, 1904. Harichanda: the martyr of truth. Trans. by Mutu Coomara Swamy. Delhi: Mittal, 1984.

Anonymous English

  • Kaminee, the virgin widow: an English drama in five acts. Calcutta: n.p., 1874.
  • Nala and Damayanti: a drama [in five acts and in prose and verse]. Negapatan: Scottish Branch Press, 1894. 135 p.

Apparao, Gurujada Venkata, 1861-1915. Telugu

  • Bridal bargain. Edited and trans. by S. Gopala Murthy and K. Ramesh Babu. In "Enact" #109-110, January-Feb. 1979. 17 p.

Avyaktananda, Swami

  • India through the ages: ten short plays. London: Society for Cultural Fellowship with India, 1947. 95 p. (Includes; All prophets' day; The ashrama; The battle within man; The children of Israel; The cross in India; The disciples; The fakir's lizard; The flute of Krishna; The sacred fire of life: and Towards Buddhahood.)

Ayengar, M.S. Gopala, pseud. S. Gopal.

  • The eastern farce. Channapatna: n.p., 1931.
  • The juvenile dramas. Channapatna: n.p., 1934. 40 p. (Includes: Against deti leti; Against purdah; A plea for agriculture; and Long live the policeman.)

Ayyar, Aiylam Subrah Manier Panchapakesa, 1899-1963.

  • In the clutch of the devil: a drama in five acts. Bombay: n.p., 1926. iii, 122 p.
  • A mother's sacrifice: a play in three acts. Madras: R.R. Rama Iyer and Co., 1937. 97 p.; 3rd ed. Madras: Rochouse and Sons, 1947. ii, 69 p.
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  • The trial of science for the murder of humanity, a mock trial. 2nd rev. and enl. ed. Kumbakonam: G.V.K. Swami and Co., 1942. 49 p.

Banarjee, Bhupendra Nath 1879-1938. Bengali

  • English translation of Bengalee: a national drama being played by the Minerva Theatre, Beadon Street, Calcutta. Calcutta: R. Cambray, 1927. 174 p.

Banerjea, Krishna Mohan, 1813-1885.

  • The persecuted. Calcutta: n.p., 1831. Possibly published in the "Enquirer" edited by K.M. Banerjea.

Banerjea, S.B.

  • The inimitable Mrs. Markhamby: a play in two scenes. Calcutta: n.p., 1908. 12 p.

Banerjee, Digindra Chandra, 1909- Bengali

Basu, Amritalal, 1853-1929. Bengali

  • The Babu: a Bengali society farce. Trans. by Nibaran Chandra Chatterji. Calcutta: Sanyal & Co., 1911. x, 116 p.

Bhatia, Dvarka Nath

  • Rejoice: played on the occasion of celebration of the imperial coronation at Hailakundi. Calcutta: S.C. Banerji, 1903. 10 p.

Bhatt, Surya Dutt

  • The trial celestial. Bombay: Karnataka Pub. House, 1940. 57 p.

Bhattacharya, Basudeb, 1888-1949. psd Pundit Acharya & Sree Basudeb

  • Aunt Lasmi: a one-act tragedy in "Poet lore" 35 i (1924). pp.101-13.
  • Still it is spring: a tragedy in once act. In "Poet lore" 42, iv. 1935. pp. 364-81.

Bhattacharya, Surendra Nath Bengali

  • Prayag-tirtha: a play. Calcutta: Orphan Press, 1934. 147 p.

Bhusan, V.N., 1909-1951.

  • The anklet bells. N.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Mortal coils. Masulipatnam: n.p., 1934.
  • Samyukta. Masulipatnam: n.p., 1933.

Borgaonkar, Dattatreya Mahadeva

  • The image-breakers: a play in three acts. Bombay: New Book Co., 1938. viii, 59 p.

Bose, Amrita Lal Bengali

  • English translation of "The Babu": a Bengali society farce by Babu Amrita Lal Bose. Trans. by Nibraran Chandra Chatterjee. Calcutta: Bharat Mihir Press, 1911. x, 116 p.

Bose, S.C.

  • Buddha: being a dramatized version of Sri Edwin Arnold's "The light of Asia." London: Kegan Paul, Trench and Trubner, 1912. 31 p.

Bosu, Profulla Kumar

  • Aurora: a musical opera. Calcutta: n.p., 1931. 58 p.
  • Conrad and Leonora: an opera. Calcutta: n.p., 1921. 29 p.
  • Rosaline: a musical opera. Calcutta: n.p., 1925. 29 p.
  • Rustam and Zulekha: a drama. Calcutta: n.p., 1921. 27 p.

Chatterjee, Nolini Mohan, 1865-

Chatterji, Tapanmohan Bengali

  • The light-bearer: a symbolic drama in one scene. Trans. by the author. In "Drama, 1918" pp. 383-89.

Chattopadhyaya, Harindranath, 1898-1990.

  • Abu Hasan: a drama in prose and verse. Madras: N.p., 1918. 95 p.
  • Five plays. London: Fowler Wright, 1929. 202 p. (includes: The hunter; The proclamation; Pundalik; Saku Bai; and Tukaram.)
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  • Raidas, the cobbler saint. Madras: Shama's Pub. House, 1925.
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  • Tukaram. In "Shama's journal". (Madras) Oct, 1925 and Jan. 1926.

Chaudhuri, Purushottam

  • Diverse loves; or to serve the wronged is to serve his cause. Vijayawada: n.p., 1933. 33 p.


  • Thought pearls. Nagercoil: Doss Press, 1932.

Dalal, Rajendra Somanarayan, 1882- Gujarati

  • Victory: a drama of Rajput chivalry. Trans. by the author from Gujarati. Bombay: Pub. by the author, 1939. 151 p.

Das, A. Jagannath

  • The surprised wife. Madras: India Printing works, 1921. 44 p.

Das, S. A.

  • Lead kindly light: a play. Calcutta: Model Printing Works, 1933. 124 p.

Dasgupta, Kedar Nath

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  • Caliph for a day: an amusing comedy. London: Luzac, 1916. 36 p.

Dass, J.P.

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Dastur, K.H.

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DeLanerolle, H.C.N. and E.M.W. Joseph, d. 1987.

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Deobhankar, N.R., 1884-

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DeSilva, Wilmot Arthur

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Devi, Serapia, nee Carliezck. Mrs. Bhattacharyya

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Dingra, Baldoon, d. 1979.

  • The awakening; or Lakshmana awakes: a poetic play. Lahore: Regal Theater, 1945. Trans. into French as: Lakshmana s'eveille. Paris: Victor Attinger, 1957.
  • For heaven is here: a three-act play. Lahore: Regal Theater, 1944.

Dutt, Ajoy Chunder, 1879-

  • Milly, a Bengali home: a pleasant play. Allahabad: Kitabistan, 1945. 100 p.

Dutt, Michael Madhusudan, 1824-1873. Bengali

  • Is this called civilization? a farce. Calcutta: n.p., 1871.
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Ettappan, Jagad-vira Venktaesvara, maharaja of Tamil

  • Gnanavalli, creeper of wisdom: an original Tamil drama. Trans. by S.A.T. Madras: n.p., 1915. iv, 73, 66 p.

Fyzee-Rahamin, S., 1880-

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Gargi, Balwant, 1916-

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Ghosal, Svarna Kumari Tagore, 1855-1932. Bengali

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Gopalakrishna, P.

Gorowara, Krishna

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Jhaveri, Shanti

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Joseph, Abraham Tamil

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TMC Trinamool Congress leader candidate politician Chandranath Singh profile biodata biography details TMC Trinamool Congress leader Chandranath Singh birthday address mobile phone contact number Chandranath Singha family father mother wife husband son daughter children names TMC Trinamool Congress party candidate Chandranath Singh education qualification Chandranath Singh works political career occupation TMC Trinamool Congress party leader Chandranath Singha personal professional educational life background Chandranath Singh latest news updates information.

Chandranath Singh, politician of TMC Trinamool Congress Party, is one of the renowned and dependable TMC Trinamool Congress leader in Bolpur area of West Bengal. Here is a short Biography of Chandranath Singh:

Age of Chandranath Singh politician of TMC Trinamool Congress party: - 50 as on 2012.

Education of Chandranath Singh leader of TMC Trinamool Congress party: - TMC Trinamool Congress party politician Chandranath Singh has completed M.Sc in Mathematics.

Family of Chandranath Singh politician of TMC Trinamool Congress party: - He lives with his wife and twins (son).

Occupation Profession of Chandranath Singh: - Agriculturist and Politician.

Chandranath Singh attached to which party? TMC Trinamool Congress Party.

Political Career of Politician Chandranath Singh: - Political works started during his college life and later joined TMC.

Chandranath Singh of TMC Trinamool Congress party is the TMC Trinamool Congress party candidate of Bolpur constituency in 2011 General Assembly Election of Bengal against Tapan Hore of RSP Party.

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